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KOLIGIN capsule

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KOLIGIN capsule


The Natural Medicine ? KOLIGN ? capsule

KOLIGIN is a medicine approved by KFDA of Korean Government. As shown on its package, it is manufactured by under GMP system. Koligin contain many kinds of nutritive substance for human body. So that, it helps the function of stomach and digestion and is also good for ones skin condition especially good for relieving ones fatigue. It helps intaking several vitamins which man doesn't get from food. It is considered the moderns' taste and effort. So Koligin is made easy to take it through adopting capsule type and sweet flavor. In conclusion Koligin is really good natural medicine for maintaining and improving ones health.


Pure powder prepared by pulverizing the ginseng root into particle size and encapsulated. Capsule type is designed to be easier for consumers to carry and more convenient to take. The capsule is blistered into PVC/aluminum in blister strips. Take 1 capsule a day with water. Children more than 12 years are recommended to take as same as adults.

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KOLIGIN capsule