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Red Pine Needle Extract

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Red Pine Needle Extract


The best choice for regulating blood sugar and improving vascular diseases!
The best native plant in Korea used for natural folk medicines from our ancestors. Pine needle is a Nature’s plant without side effects eaten raw by Taoist hermits. Pine needle has more 170 types of effectiveness in the human body and is used to treat 127 diseases.
Pine Needle oil is a rich antioxidant, documented to improve over 170different health related conditions. It was known to have various health benefits for antioxidant, stroke & its after-effects, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, infection from blood clotting, urethral malfunction, diabetes & its complementary diseases, heart diseases, bruises and physical injuries, and scrotum infections.
The amount of pine needles contained in 1 capsule of pine needle oil is equivalent to its amount contained in 50 bottles of pine needle drinks in the market. The concentrated pine needle oil that requires 1 tone of pine needles is worth as much as 340ml of pine needle oil.


  1. Inhibits the increase in blood sugar and regulates it.
  2. Improves vascular diseases.
  3. Prevents cancers and has anti-cancer and anti-oxidant effects.


  • INGREDIENT : Pine needle oil for food, Vitamin E, ..etc..
  • Packing : 450mg x 100caps per bottle
  • Directions : Take 1 capsule 30 minutes after meal, three times a day.
    Healthy persons can take 1-2 capsules a day.

  • M.O.Q : 5,000 display box & Promotion
    (Print customer`s own text and brand on each box and coating information on bottle)

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